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All Time Low Story (no real title yet!)

 Chapter 1/The meeting

"Cailyn, damnit get your ass over here, its almost starting!!!"

"Hold on, Cymry Gosh Darnit. I'm making popcorn!"

"Fuccccck Hurry up!"

Cailyn sighed and made the popcorn as fast as she could then sat down on on the couch next to her older sister.
~Cailyn was 20 whereas her sister Cymry was 24. They thought alike and sometimes dressed alike, they sometimes even talked in unison. Cymry was just a bit taller but you could definatly tell the two were related.~

Cymry clicked on the T.V. and smiled wide as the DvD started. All you could here was "I just wanna fuck this burrito!" and the girls laughed at the young man. The telephone rang and the girls jumped slightly not expecting it.
"who the fuck is calling? Cailyn didnt you tell people this was our movie night? i mean for Gods sake we barely see eachother when im on tour... you just have a few more weeks in colledge i just need some time with my friggen sister, GOD!"
Cymry continued on her small rant in more of a mumble while Cailyn answered the phone. "H-hellow?" she answered

"yeah, uh is Cymry there?" The voice on the other end of the phone said lightly

"yes, who is this?"

"haha This is Matthew Flyzik."

"Alright, stop jerking around with me, is this Damian? come on bro uncool."

The voice laughed again "naw this is legit, now is Cymry there?"
Cailyn giggled and handed the phone off to Cymry, right before she paused the movie all you could here is "It's Girls Gone Wild!" and then her laughing again. She took the phone and instinctivly answered with the "Who is this? did you know im on tour dude? i mean i RARELY see my sister its friggen movie night!" then giggled slightly.

"Oh I'm sorry, Its Matt Flyzik?" He said almost as a question.

"oh, no don't be sorry, its my bad i didnt realize! im sorry."

"Don't worry i was only calling to ask if you wanted to tour with All Time Low?"

Cymry thought for a moment, Cailyn and Cymry loved the band Cymry a bit more because the songs lyrics had a huge impact on her.
"uhm, that would be awesome! i just need to finish out the last few concerts i have then we are all yours, Are we headlining or is it just a tour with you thing?"

Matt laughed before answering "nah, your definatly going to play after them but then Hey Mondays next and then Black Veil Brides for a mixup in genre"

"thats awesome, some of our favorite bands in one tour SWEET! how did you get our number anyway?"

"we had toured with another band called The Perfect Measure and they said you had toured with them and gave me your number of where you were staying"

"oh cool, well thanks for helping us with the new fans and all i mean, all time low has a HUGE fanbase! when does this start?"

"well right now we just have a small line up but when does your tour end?"

Cymry and Matt talked on the phone for a while and Cailyn got slightly agitated wanting to know what they were talking about. Cymry went to the dining room and leaned on the counter that seperated the kitchen and the dining room, Cailyn automatically ran to the other side trying to listen in to the conversation, leaning over the counter. Cymry smiled wider as the details were discussed and then finally hung up the phone.

"SO basically a week after you finish college and i do our last concert we are touring with All Time Low!"

Cailyn squeeled lightly "Don't mess with me, you know i think Grieco is hot!"

"im DEAD serious"

The girls squeeled for a moment and then went back to the movie.

2 weeks later

The young girl walked out of the college satisfyed with the grades she had gotten that year, her final year. All As and one C. ~That woodshop class really kicked my ass, teehee that rhymed!~ she thought smiling wide.
"Cailyn! WAIT"
Cailyn rolled her eyes as she stopped and turned around to see a young almost nerdy boy calling her name, running towards her. Her head dropped as she sighed again not wanting to deal with the young man. He caught up to her and put his hands on his knees out of breath.

"Cailyn, did you pass woodshop?"
"yup, barely..."
"yer lucky, i just barely failed it...looks like i need to stick with science classes..."

The young girl nodded as she continued walking, hoping he wouldn't follow. He paced with her and tried to start a conversation.

"So, what are your plans. i mean, what do you want to do?"
Cailyn sighed again "I'm touring with my sister...Look i have to go okay Madison! bye!"

Cailyn basically ran to her sisters car which was parked down the street. She got in the car and basically slammed the door. "WOAH slow your horses Cupcake!"
"Sorry, Cyms. The boys at this school are nerdy and super crazy!"
Cymry laughed and drove away. They got home and got out of the car as they blasted songs from All Time Low, trying to get better aqainted with the music so they don't mess up if they are asked to play on stage, They havent listened to their music in a year or two. The girls smiled as they got into the house ready to pack Specific things for the tour not knowing if they were going to get their own Bus or not.

The door flew open banging against the wall and in 6 guys came walking in, laughing. Cymry who was in the bedroom with Cailyn, ran to see what the noise was about. She smiled as the one boy with a lip ring and a micky mouse hat greeted her with a handshake, announcing that his name was Matt Flyzik. The second boy with his hoodie up smiled a big smile with his doey brown eyes, looking up from texting on his phone. "I'm Greico!" he laughed as he went back to texting. A guy walked up to her and threw his arms around Cymry like they have been friends for years, hugging her tightly almost squeezing the air out of her lungs."im Jack" She hugged back instinctivley. two of the guys looked over from talking to eachother and announced their names, the bigger, more muscular man said his name was Zack, the other thinner brown eyed boys name was Rian. The boy with purplish hair and brown eyes and a big smile walked over and hugged her lightly, "I'm Alex." he smiled as he then got closer "your cute" he whispered into her ear then walking back to Jack.

Cymry shook her head a huge smile on her face. In the background you heard More Then A Love Song by Augustana blaring, then Cailyn screamed "Hey Cyms what was that bang!?" over the music. Cymry just walked over and turned off the music and walked back into the living room where the boys now stood. the whole greetings started again except Alex didnt say how cute she was, and Greico hugged Cailyn. Matt walked with Cymry to the bedroom, so Cymry can finish packing as he explained what was going to happen. Cailyn talked with the guys and hung out.

In The Room With Cymry and Matt

"So basically whats going to happen is your band is going to get your own bus and everything But there isn't enough bunks on your bus for everyone to sleep seperatly as a band. there are 3 buses 6 people can sleep easily on each bus-"

Cymry cut off Matt "Hey we can figure it out when we get there, RELAX i mean shit i didnt even finish packing yet, we still have a week!"

Matt turned red and looked away not knowing what to talk about. "So uh, what made you want to be in a band?" he muttered

Cymry thought for a moment then stopped packing and looked up at him. "Well, I didnt have a very good child hood, being beaten by my step mother and her sister from age 8 to about 17 almost 18. you know a concussion here and she even stabbed me once, held a knife to my neck..." she paused getting a little choked up at the memories of what happened.

In The Living Room With Cailyn and the guys

"YES! i told you i would win! wha-what!"
Jack said as he shuffled the cards and delt them again. They were playing a game called Dirty Dueces, also known as "Fuck Your Neighbor" Alex jumped when he realized he had an awesome hand. "guys just give up now, i already know im going to win!" Greico laughed lightly "we'll see about that alex WE WILL SEE!" Cailyn giggled looking at Greico smiling.
The hand was over and Cailyn jumped up singing "oh yeah, alright, i win uh-huh, wha-what" and then sat down laughing. Greico laughed at her then looked at the the guys with that devious, yet charming, look of his and tackled Cailyn to the floor, thank god it was carpet. they wrestled around playfully as the guys chanted.
Alex and Zack were chanting for Greico and Rian and Jack were chanting for Cailyn.

Back to Matt and Cymry

"In elementary school kids hated me, i was the kid the pushed down into the dirt and everyone else formed a circle around beating and kicking and stuff...i was the kid that was always made fun of...my step mother hated me to the point she didnt even call me by name, she said either Hey You or thing or sometimes i was "it"... it was only until i think middle school where we moved and people started treating me nicer that i realized it was possible to get out of that, i formed my own mind, i had opinions..."

The last few words out of her mouth were muffled as the tears came out of her eyes. she sat on the bed with her face in her hands. Matt sat next to her and put one arm around her. "it must have been awful" he said aloud she nodded attempting to stop the crying, matt held her closer, hugging her gently as she placed her head on his chest. He placed his left hand on her side and the other on the back of her head to reassure her that everything is okay now.

Cymry looked up, into Matts eyes noticing that they were more of a hazel/green color, as he looked into hers. Matt leaned in slightly as if to kiss Cymry and as she did towards him.

Then a big bang hit the door, slamming it open as the two people whom were wrestling around on the floor crashed in. Greico ontop of Cailyn, they laughed as the looked up at Matt who was still holding Cymry. The two quickly released eachother and looked away as if they did nothing. Cailyn looked up from under Greico and smiled BIG realizing that they were going to kiss, only then did she notice the tears coming down her sisters face. "WHAT THE FUCK!" Cailyn chirped as she pushed Greico off of her as the both stood up really fast.

"what the hell did you do to my sister?"

Cymry stood up and walked over to Cailyn "nothing happened he just asked why i wanted to be a musician and because of what i've been through well, you know the story"

Cailyn nodded understanding "yeah and music saved your life when no one else was there, i know,...i still feel bad because i didnt know..."

Cymry just nodded and looked away, Everyone stood and their was silence. Then Matt walked out of the room feeling the akwardness and talked to Alex Greico and Cailyn looked at eachother and blushed. then walked out of the room together, talking amonst themselves. Cailyn was already packed, Cymry continued and finished packing.

Zack, Rian, Jack and Matt grabbed the bags and helped load them onto the bus, Greico talked to Cymry laughing as Cymry told him about how Cailyn acts when she gets drunk. and Alex talked to Cailyn

"So, your sister how old is she?" Alex smiled
"older then you" Cailyn said with her eyebrow arched
"how old exacly though?" he asked again
Cailyn sighed "24 and im 20"
Alex nodded and smiled "older woman huh? sweet"

Cailyn walked to the bus and Matt ushered to what bus each person was going to ride. They all got into their destined bus and got comfertable.

~*chapter 1 finished!!*~

Live4TheMoment (Cymrys band)
Cailyn=Younger Sister
Cymry=Older Sister (lead singer and guitarist)
Layla=Synth Player
Dean=bass player
Damian=Tour Manager
Jacob=The techie (helps tune everything basically)

Bus ATL 1 Bus ALT 2
Cymry Jeff M
Cailyn Vinny P
Alex G Evan K
Jack B Danny K
Matt F Rian D
Greico Zack M
Bus Live4TheMoment


Cailyn and Cymry story CHAPTER 2

All you could hear was the playful yelling of the guys, cheering on their friends wrestling match. Greico verses Flyzik

The High Cost Of Living

All my characters story line is mine, i thought it was cool so far, it would be great if i got feedback!

 the young girl ran on the bus and looked the boy straight in the eyes, a tear ran down her cheek and she smiled weakly

"You said not to fall in love with you, its a little too late for that, after yesterday it couldn't be helped."

She ran off the bus tears running down her face more now, walking down the road slowly it started to pour down rain. She looked up and cursed the clouds, at least they couldn't see her cry now. a car drove up and slowed more to her pace, the windows rolled down and she could see the boy she talked to earlier. 

"Cymry, get in the car...please"

"No, just drive away and forget about me...there is no point in picking me up here"

"Cymry, get in the car, its raining, your getting all wet, and you will get sick and i don't want that to happen to you"

"does it matter!?"

all of a sudden a flash of lightning and a loud thundering roar came from the clouds. She screamed lightly and looked at the boy "Fine, I'll get in the car, but we are going straight home..." he smiles ever so lightly understanding and got out of the car and stood in front of the girl,looking down at her. he put one hand on her cheek, other hand on her shoulder. "I really do like you Cymry, more then you know" Cymry turned her head away from his hand and walked around him sitting in the passenger side seat. The boy sighed and walked back to the drivers side of the car and drove off.

~*( Four Months Earlier )*~

"SERIOUSLY DANNY! this isn't really funny!" the girl yelled obnoxiously at the boy as he laughed historically. "really?, you think your hilarious, i think your mean" the girl says again sticking her tongue out playfully at the boy. "Cymry come on i didn't mean for you to get hurt, it was just a joke, really i promise" he smiled wide at her. he held out his arms insinuating he wanted to give her a hug, she looked at him through the side of her eyes and finally gave into the boy and hugged him closely.

"now can you drive to the park already!?"

he thought for a moment and finally looked at her, her eyes were a bright blue with gold rings around the center. the shined brightly that day. the sky was bright blue and it was a bright sunny day. "do we really have to?" he asked her

"no, i just wanna go somewhere and do something…i don't want to just sit here. in a car. in the middle of god knows where."

"i know where we are, you trust me don't you?"

she thought for a second then smiled wide and leaned towards him "yeah, i trust you, i just don't trust what your up to,…your sneaky" she laughed

"oh really now? YOU don't trust MY intentions because I'M sneaky?" he laughed hysterically for a moment " i shouldn't trust YOUR intentions, your the sneaky one!"

she laughed and finally took a deep breath, "fine then, what do YOU want to do?"

Daniel thought for a moment and put the car into drive and stepped on the peddle. forcing the car forward and onto the road. The girl smiled and looked at her friend weird "where are we goin?" she asked cutely. He smiled mysteriously and didn't answer. she squirmed in her seat. "Dannnnnnyyyy" she said giggling, he still had no answer. He pulled into this gorgeous lake and stopped the car, he looked at the young girl, her eyes glistening as she looked at the beautiful scenery. She got out of the car and ran towards the lake. Danny smiled wider getting out of the car and walking to her side. he looked down at her and bit his lip.

"my nana told me about this place long before she died. i was really little, maybe about 5 or 6 and i never got the chance to come here. all i remember is that this is a place she loved, she brought me here once or twice maybe 3 times at least and i loved it. i thought that maybe, this could be our little hang out place. me and you, maybe a couple of close friends. Your way to cool to keep this secret place from." Cymry tilted her head to the side as she listened to Daniel tell his story. He continued, pointing towards a waterfall in the distance of the lake and a tiny island in the middle of the lake. "there is a huge waterfall and if you go through it theres a little cave my nana took me, she would start a small fire and we would make hot dogs and s'mores right in there." he now pointed towards the little island in the middle. "and that island right there, thats where we swam to catch our breath, we camped there when it wasn't raining, the one time she brought my dad and when he fell asleep we put his bed in the water and he floated around for at least an HOUR before he woke up."

Cymry hugged Daniel and smiled as she looked up at him "she sounded soooo sweet, i'm sorry i never got to meet her." she said. he had his hands around her waist as she set her arms around his neck, he shrugged. "its fine peachy, i mean i loved her but i'm okay now." she nodded and snuggled into his chest. He let go and went to the trunk of his car and pulled out a pulled out a small boat, big enough to carry things but not two people. He put a few bags and a basket with a bag over it in the small boat. he brought it out and set it on the edge of the lake and went back to the trunk of the car, he took out a 2 bags and closed the trunk. he gave Cymry a bag and took another one for himself.

"put this on" he said kindly

She opened the bag and took out the contents. "A-a bathing suit? oh!..i got it…you'll need to either turn around or let me get dressed in your car"

"you pick ill turn around"

She smiled and turned, taking off her top and quickly putting on the bathing suit top. She peeked back at the boy to notice he was putting his on as well. she laughed at the white behind of the boy. she put her bottoms on and in unison they said "you ready yet?" they laughed and turned towards each other. he pushed the tiny boat into the water and jumped in, Daniel motioned for her to get into the water. she smiled and looked away shyly, "i don't wanna" she said playfully.

"awe just come on already."

"but it's cold!"

she laughed and before he could retort she jumped in beside him. he rolled his eyes and laughed. Daniel then motioned for her to follow him and the went into the waterfall and then into the cave he opened the one bigger bag and it held to blankets and he laid on on the cave floor so they would have a place to dry off and the other one to keep warm. He put the basket on the blanket and took the bag off only to reveal some of his own cooking. Cymry smiled wide "so you cook now?" she laughed. he nodded happily, as he took out some candles to make sure the cave was lit up for the day, and also a radio with his Ipod connected to it.

Cymry smiled wide as she saw what was going on. He played a pop song called "I feel like Dancing", a parody on normal pop songs. The young girl dances around in the water and laughs as she noticed the boy looking at her idly. She stopped and blushed lightly he stepped back into the water with her and put his hands on her cheeks with a small smile pulling at his cheeks. "no reason to be shy around me peachy because i will never think wrong of you." she blushed more and looked down smiling wider. "now what? do you like me?" The girl smiled as he spoke lightly to her. She nodded slowly, still looking downwards. "guess what?" he asked, her eyes moved up looking into his. Daniel put his hands now on her hips and his forehead to hers."i really like you to hun." her already rosy cheeks turned a darker shade of red and then he closed his eyes for a moment.

"D-danny, can i ask you something?"

"anything, im always here for you."

"nvm, im just glad we can be here together"

He looked at her curiously, he let the thought pass him and looked into her eyes who were eying him back. he leaned down and in the thought of the moment was a kiss that passed between them, a long lingering kiss.

Writer's Block: See you on the dark side

If you won a free trip to the moon, would you go? Why or why not?

Hell mother frickin YESH! lolz i would definatly go i like the whole less gravity thing and i think it would be amazing

Writer's Block: Songs of patriotism

If you were a country, what would be your national anthem?

sick puppies - maybe because everyone can be a dreamer or misunderstood and everyone deserves a second chance!

United Chapter 1

characters are all mine of course and its only Cody, Cymry Camry and the unknown older women.

Summery: it was a dark stormy night and stars were shining brightly. It was the fourth of July as everyone awaited to see the magnificent fireworks display. Cody sat with his family, thinking about her. her name was Cymry. Cody had liked her for quite a while now, truthfully, but it almost seemed like she had never noticed him in that way. They were just friends. Cody looked around the large field a field of flowers; not his type, but his parents liked it there.

it was a dark stormy night and stars were shining brightly. It was the fourth of July as everyone awaited to see the magnificent fireworks display. Cody sat with his family, thinking about her. her name was Cymry. Cody had liked her for quite a while now, truthfully, but it almost seemed like she had never noticed him in that way. They were just friends. Cody looked around the large field a field of flowers; not his type, but his parents liked it there.

~will she be here?~

he asked himself. Then as he looked across the field, by the woods, he spotted her walking out of the woods. She saw him as well. Cymry started jogging towards him happily.

"Hey Cody! I finally escaped the family." She sighed as she caught up to him. Cody smiled, happy that she was there. She ran to him throwing her backpack beside the boy.

"Hey how are you?" He smiled

"I'm good and kind of sleepy; I was up late last night"

"I know how you feel but what were you doing?"

"I was drawing, writing music. You know the usual,” she giggles

Cody had liked Cymry for some time now. He was 18 and she was 19, Just graduating from twelfth grade. Happy to get out of school they sat down on a blanket staring at the sky, Cymry leaned her head on Codys' shoulder. Going about unnoticed, an ominous cloud looking thundery hovered off in the distance, getting closer every passing minute. The fireworks started.

"Blue, Green, Red, Purple, and Gold. The colors are SO beautiful." Cymry said happily, watching the fireworks in amusement. The cloud grew closer. Finally hovering over the two, lightning sparked brightly.

"W-what was that?" Cymry said, leaning her head on Codys' shoulder. The girl blinked sleepily. Suddenly, without warning, Cody and Cymry were struck by the lightning. The night exploded around them, and it seemed as if the ground dropped out from under them. A moment of disorientation made Cymry black out, though Cody remained conscious. Then, just as suddenly as it had come, it all stopped. Opening his eyes, Cody looked around. They were in the field still, but something was wrong. Unbeknownst to them, the two were stranded on an unknown world.

There were no fireworks, and no people. Just him, and Cymry. Cymry! Turning to the girl, Cody shook her. "C-Cymry! Wake up!" he cried. Dipping down, he pressed his ear to her chest, listening and feeling for the telltale sign of her heart.” Come on, Cymry." Cody whispered. Her eyes blinked open slowly, and she peered up at him.

"Where are we?" Her voice, though faint, was growing stronger as she became more in control of herself. She cleared her throat.
"Thank god you're alive!" Grabbing a hold of her, Cody hugged his friend tightly. She smiled at him.
"So, where are we?" the girl asked again.

"I-I don't know... Everyone's gone, and so are the fireworks."

"Damn." Cymry said quietly, taking the time to look around in confusion as she continued to recover. They were in a completely different field. That much was clear now. But they still looked normal. Their clothing hadn't changed, and her backpack was even there as well. The night was dark here, wherever here was. The stars were still in their same positions in the sky, and still twinkling brightly. Everything seemed like it was normal, but it wasn't there world. Something wasn't right.... something wasn't there.

Cymry looked at Cody "C-Cody uhm what just happened?"

Cody looked around once more trying to get a visual of what might have happened. Cymry shook her head and blinked a few times, her head still a bit frustrated and her stomach even more upset. Cymry closed her eyes as if to make everything disappear and everything would be normal again, no such luck.

Cymry stood up grabbing her bag followed by Cody. Cymry sighed not sure what to do next. "Hey Cody, lets try your place first. Maybe we can get some answers?" she said still not sure of herself. Cody nodded breathing in deeply. They followed the path to Codys' house. As they arrived it seemed like the same old house. Codys' house, it wasn’t the same but it looked the same. Every thing had an Erie feeling to it.
Cymry sat down on Codys' staircase up to the house and pulled forward her backpack. She unzipped the bag and pulled out a small pistol and held it inside her hoodie, throwing her bag on her back again. She walked into the house, Cody right behind.

"C-Cymry?" Cody Hesitated "Why don't you let me go first"

She smirked and shook her head "I know you prolly have more balls to actually hurt someone then I do, but I learned the hard way. I have a gun and I can use it, if anything we find a rat.... or your parents"

"True but you know how they feel about you. If they are here you might get reamed a new Asshole. Just saying"
"Cody I know, but that’s the least of what could happen after all of this. It’s just a precaution, so lets do this"

Cody sighed and Cymry walked into the house opening the door lightly. They took a few steps in and notice the house a mess, like the house was robbed. Cymry looked back at Cody, confused and worried. Cody stepped in front of her looking around furiously.

"MOM!? DAD!? Please tell me your here!" Cody ran around the house frustrated, parents nowhere to be found. "Cymry, they aren't here. T-they aren't here,” Cody said looking down, walking towards her. Tears flowing from his eyes. Cymry looked at him, putting her hands on his cheeks. She looked at him with great sympathy in her eyes.

"Cody, It's all going to be fine I swear. Remember we are in this together, we can make it, we can pull through whatever is happening."

"A-are you sure? I mean what if it's out of our league? It could be something terrible."

"Cody, just believe. That’s all it takes!"

Cody nodded and took a deep breath. Cymry hugged Cody tight, as if the fear would just disappear. Cymry sighed and her hands dropped back to her sides. Cody sighed realizing what had to happen next. "Your place now?" He asked her, she just nodded not saying a word.

"BUT FIRST" she smiled "we need to prepare for the worse of everything okay?"

"Yeah, your right. Where do we start though?"

"Well first we need to pack as if we are in the movie I Am Legend so lets go with weapons and food?"

"Good idea, I will get weapons and make them and chizz and you pack food?"

"You sexist.... your lucky your my best friend!" She laughs for a moment "But yeah so get on with it!"

Cody nods with a humph and trudges around the house looking for anything that can be used as a weapon or made into one, while Cymry packs for food. The two friends did so like they were going camping, or like they were preparing for war or some kind of a zombie attack. One thing on the mind of both. What is going on?

Cymry sighed standing next to Cody by the door of the house. She held an Automatic Shotgun and carried ammo in her bag where she could get to them easily. Her Hair up in a pony tail her bangs over her face. She had on a Spaghetti-strap t-shirt that said ~ I've never told a lie and that makes me a liar, I've never made a bet but we gamble with desire, I've never lit a match with intent to start a fire, but recently the flames are getting out of control. Call me a name, Kill me with words. Forget about me it's what I deserve - Jasey Rae by All Time Low" It was Lyrics from her favorite song by All Time Low. She wore black skinny jeans, but the ones that stretched so she could run faster and then her favorite pair of converse. The young girl kept her Backpack on her back. Cody Wore a black wife beader and Shorts. He held his favorite shotgun in his hands ready for a battle. He had ammo in his pockets and was all stocked up. They both carried backpacks filled with non-perishable items and things they might need to last a month. They had canteens filled with cold water and they were set.

Cody took another deep breath and stepped towards the door and Cymrys' eyes went into shock and she grabbed Cody "WAIT!,... I'm not ready,” she said almost in tears. Cody looked at her and hugged her close

"I knew your wall was going to come down soon enough, it's going to be okay and you know it. Babe you know that we can get through this, we can get through anything. You told me this yourself."

"But now it's so real. I-I don't know if I want to go through with this. I mean lets wait here awhile. Sleep maybe?"

"Cymry, We need to do this. We need to find out what’s going on and once we do we can go somewhere like you always wanted. The best of friends doing whatever the hell we wanted, remember?"

Cymry nodded and Cody let go of her after giving her a tight squeeze. ~We are going to be okay~ he thought to himself after opening the door quietly. Cody nodded motioning for her to follow him closely. Cymry obeyed silently wiping the tears away. They walked in the direction of Cymrys' house.

There was a crash and then the sound of gunfire inside of the house. There was a scream and then a loud sound of glass breaking. Cymry jumped hiding behind Cody, "C-Cody, that doesn’t sound good, we don’t have to go in there let’s check somewhere else!" She said scared and shaken. Cody grabbed a hold of her hand gently "it'll be fine Cymry we have weapons remember? Besides I won't let anyone hurt you, I told you that" Cymry nodded and took a deep breath.

They walked through the door only to hear another loud bang. "YOU STUPID PEICE OF TRASH WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" you could hear a women scream. Another glass was smashed; they could see it being thrown across the room. Cody held up his shotgun as Cymry did as well. Cody looked around, as did Cymry, guns always ready to fire. A young girl about 13 was crying in the corner of the room. An older woman was still screaming, but it was at the little girl.


The women screamed louder, like the air in her lungs never went out. She waved a knife in the air, like she was ready to stab someone. The woman got closer to the little girl. Cymry stood a little behind Cody; she was scared, worried and remembering some of her past.

It was the next morning, and Cymry woke up to the little girl sleeping on Codys’ lap. Cymry smiled lightly at the comforting thought that all was okay, everything was sorted out, they were home and nothing could harm them, not even her. She stood up and yawned, stretching for a minute then instantly a pain to her head had her to the ground. ~* What? What happened? *~ she thought to her self. The memory of that old women and the younger girl in the corner came back to her in an instant. She cried silently and got back up slowly, hesitant. She walked to the kitchen and found a bottle of pain relievers in the cabinet. She swallowed two fast, awaiting for the pain to die down for the moment. She sighed and searched the house for food. A bunch of canned stuff in the cabinets, and a bunch of perishable items in the fridge. Cymry thought for a minute but the pain was penetrating through her train of thought.

Cymry got out a carton of eggs and saw that there was bacon in the freezer. She took out 2 frying pans and set them on the stove turning them on. She made the food, enough for the three of them and one more. She sat at the table and ate a little bit. A few moments later she had finished and walked back out into the room they had laid her in. She saw the little girl laid out on the couch and Cody gone.

Cymry spazzed, ~* Where did he go? Where could he have gone! Did someone take him? How did they get in? *~ in her mind she was in hysterics. She looked everywhere in the house and then nearly ran by the bathroom. Cody walked out and Cymry laughed relieved.

“You okay? Whats wrong?”

She sighed and hugged Cody tight “absolutely nothing, not now anyway.” She laughed silently and sighed, walking back to the little girl

“So, what happened since I was passed out?”

“Well, I child proofed the house, I war proofed the house, NO ONE is getting in this place. And that’s about it she hasn’t left your side.”

“She didn’t?”

Cody shook his head “she was grateful that you saved her, she wanted to make sure you were okay. She was worried”

“And you?” Cymry said taking another step towards Cody but looking down, Her hands intertwined.

Cody looked at her and smiled weakly “Of course I have been worried-“ He put his fingertips to her chin, slowly pulling her face up. “You know I love you, you know I would have done anything to save you. And OF COURSE I was worried. I didn’t know what to do with myself”

Cymry laughed quietly and hugged Cody again, this time he hugged her just as tight. She pointed to the kitchen motioning for Cody to go eat breakfast.

They both sat at the table talking quietly to not wake the little girl. They smiled talking about what could be and what they were going to do once all of their troubles were over. The little girl walked into the room and stopped at the entrance to the kitchen. She rubbed her eyes, sleepy and hungry.
“Awweee your awake, come eat breakfast Hun.”

Cymry said in a gentle voice. Camry sat down and smiled eating the breakfast gladly.

Cymry ran through the field they were at earlier in that day. She got Cody to watch Camry while she searched every nook and cranny of that Field. What would give her a clue as to what she needed to do? What could help her? She needed some kind of clue and she needed it fast. She got down and crawled through the middle of the field where her and Cody once lay. ~ Nothing? Why is there NOTHING! ~ She thought angrily. She perced her lips and shut her eyes tightly. Cymry finally stood up to find a dark human-like figure watching her from the one side of the forest. She looked then puzzled, The figure was masked, and hooded, almost ominous looking. The figure started walking away and Cymry yelled at them to come back


She kept yelling expecting an answer or for the figure to come back and explain something to her. The figure looked over its shoulder at her. Cymry could now see the mask. It was white with red stripe over the right eye. Black lips and a weird design coming around the left eye. The figure continued walking again, Cymry now more upset ran after the figure but it seemed that no matter how fast the she ran the figure was always faster, like it glided not walked or ran.

Cymry ran faster but it was no use, she turned by a tree and the figure was gone. It vanished no where to be seen. She sighed sadly just wanting some answers but reluctantly went back to the field. She looked around once again and found herself a small note that said

“Cymry, do not fret. You are here for a good purpose! We brought you and your friend here to fix the past, save the present and make a better future. SAVE US and you shall be rewarded in the end. We believe in you
Signed all of the woodland creatures, and Mysterie”

Cymry was confused as she read the note. Who is Mysterie? She asked herself and where do I begin to help everyone? She looked into the forest, thinking of the Mysterious figure. “Was that Mysterie?” she asked herself once again. Cymry returned home to Cody and Camry to think about everything that might or will become.

Cody smiled ay Cymry as she walked through the doors of the house. She looked at him puzzled, he was shining his shotgun and she shrugged it off as she gave him the note.
“What the hell does this mean?” he asked

“How should I know?” I mean, we are in the same boat here. I had to chase this figure down and I have no idea what even was going on and then I walk back to the field and this note was there…”

Cody nodded trying to think. Camry smiled wider then them knowing who the supposed figure was
“that figure you saw was the spirit of your soul, the spirit of mind, the spirit that helps ease your heart and puts al of your problems to rest….(Camry looks down sadly)…she never helped me, I guess I wasn’t worth it. She gave you that note maybe for you to help the creatures!”

“Whats going on with the creatures?”

“They are all dying, no one knows how or why, but one by one the species are disappearing or dying or, well no one really knows they literally just disappear…”

Cymry looks at Cody and then back at her feet, ~*What could be going on? What could I even do about it?*~ Cymry sighed and then took a deep breath. She went to her bedroom or the one Cody said she could lay in and layed down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. Thoughts rolling one by one, she didn’t know what to do or even where to start.
There was barking outside, a large dog, white with gray stripe down the side and the ears were mismatched one was white the other was black the other side of the dogs body had a black stripe down the side. Cymry smiled and ran to the window to see this magnificent dog sitting on the steps to the house. It howled again wanting inside, he was hungry. She finally ran down the steps and swung the door open. “awwwwwe what a gorgeous dog!” she let the dog smell her and then she pet the top of the dogs head. He was a beautiful and she smiled wider, happy. “Can I name you Tiberious?” she said to the animal. He looked like a cross between a king shepherd and a Siberian husky. The dog seemed to nod at the question.
She walked inside and the dog seemed to wipe his paws on the little mat outside of the door and then walked in elegantly after Cymry, she closed the door behind Tiberious. She watched the dog as he sat on the couch next to Camry and watched the TV. Camry right away started petting and playing with the dog, he didn’t seem to mind, like he loved children. The dog had a little note attached to the collar.

“My trusty side kick, he is yours to name and he is yours for protection, Don’t worry you may not know much about him. But he is worth EVERY minute of your time. Be well strong Heros”

Cymry laughed at the note ~* She called me a hero HAH like that could ever be. How this women can trust someone she doesn’t even know is BEYOND me *~ She laughed again then sat down on the couch as the girl and Tiberious jumped on the floor and played around.

Writer's Block: Connecting the dots

How do you feel about standardized tests? Do you think they accurately indicate a student's knowledge or ability?

no i do not i think that accurate knowledge is also based on their creativity if you base it around normal stuff they learn in school you wont get the whole picture.

Writer's Block: Children of the sun

How do you think aliens would regard our society? If an alien ship landed in your backyard, would you run away or bring a bundt cake?

i would prabably bring myself haha i would just walk up to them with my confused face and see what language they speak...

Writer's Block: Conversation starters

Are there any subjects you either embrace or totally avoid talking about when you meet someone new?

i absolutly love talking about music or something i read or am writing about but music is my absolute favorite to talk about. things i don't care to talk about but will deal with is family....
Who has most influenced you the most creatively, and how?

Music, acting, and my own life and how crappy it is at the moment haha. Music has saved my life literally and i, for some reason, took to the band All Time Low, Acting it was Jared Padalecki he is amazing, and then me haha and my friends, the people i can trust!
What's your favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday?

Write and listen to music of course, Maybe draw a little bit =D


oh yeah who doesnt like bein in there PJ

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